BMMI Guest Ep 12: Glade Runner (with Special Guest Sam Suksiri!)

Gladerunner.jpgThis poster was created by our special guest this week, Sam Suksiri! Take a moment to smell the artificial roses. This poster is worth a close, long look.

What happens if Glade plug-ins gained sentience? These Glade Runners eliminate all bad odors and grapple with new found consciousness. When your scent stick runs out, would you remember who you are?

This summer: Your nose isn’t the only thing that’s running.

This week’s special guest is Sam Suksiri who runs the Traffic Therapy podcast. A comedy sketch show that comes highly recommended by us.



BMMI Episode 024: Fists of Felt

fistsoffelt_posterWhat is man? What is Fuppet™? These are the hard hitting questions we address in this week’s episode of Big Money Movie Ideas. McDermott the Toad, a Fuppet™ that is charged with identifying between man and Fuppet™ finds out the much darker secrets behind his very existence. Is that a finger in your stuffing or is there stuffing in your finger? This poster is a cross between Eastern Promises and Bloodsport draped in felt and drenched in blood.