BMMI Guest Ep 07: Price Slashers (with Zack from Nightmare on Fear Street!)


Tis the season to go to the mall and engage in the two most American traditions. Shopping and Slaughter! It’s a Battle Royale at the local mega mall and for every kill 1% is taken off your bill. And this mall has got everything: A mall Santa, a countdown clock, psychopath owner, a robotic staff, a doomsday prepper janitor, labyrinthine corridors, and a giant, pointy Christmas tree. This episode features special guest Zack from Nightmare on Fear Street, an R.L. Stine podcast talking everything R.L. Stine!


BMMI Guest Ep 06: Beasts Within (with Special Guest Jacob!)


Who’s a good boy? Not these animals! But, damn it, they try. This week we cash in on the never-ending money waterfall that is super hero movies by making one of our own. This one stars an original cast of zoo animals with human powers. How did they get these powers? I’m glad you asked.

When several vats of ooze, leftover props from the Daredevil movie, spill all over the local zoo it causes some pretty fantastic changes to the animals. Their DNA fuses with that of the human who gave his life trying to protect them. This infuses them with not only human powers but also human responsibilities. Unfortunately for the world, these animals still have animal morals and animal urges. This poster is meant to invoke the powerful simplicity of a Captain America or an Avengers poster. This episode guest starring Jacob of the newly launched movie review site


BMMI Episode 041: Net Brutality


In the year 3008, you’re either working your life away down in the bitcoin mines or you’re living the high life up in the Tower. Sure, everyone has access to the simulated virtual reality utopia (for a price, of course), but how many know if they’re getting the 4k hi-definition or a low-poly facsimile. A poor village pools their wages together to buy the chosen hero a virtual ticket to the tower, only for him to disappear. Now they try one last time, with their second-choice hero, to find out what’s just so special about the Tower and why they can’t get in. Net Brutality pictures an extreme dystopic future where net neutrality no longer exists, and bitcoins are like rare, rare Chuck E. Cheese tokens. If you want to learn more about net neutrality and what the December 14 FCC vote to repeal it would mean, check out, or


BMMI Episode 039: They Came at Sundown


November brings bitter cold snaps and long nights that inspired us to make the next great revenge film. They Came at Sundown distills two core concepts of identity into one necessary act of revenge. First: what would revenge look like to a man who can’t forgive himself for what he’s done? Second: does revenge look the same to an animal, and would we, as humans, understand it as revenge? This episode crafts a revenge film from the unique perspective of a wronged wild beast. A turkey. Yeah, a turkey, okay! It’s a very thoughtful and meditative film that just happens to have turkeys who kill people in it.


BMMI Episode 038: Bat Country


Don’t be confused by the giant manbat in the sky; this isn’t a vampire movie. Bat Country stars four kids that find a cave near their neighborhood and bond over their new-found love of all things bats. Until they find a house in the cave. And in the house a skeleton of a giant bat that comes to life. At first the kids have fun with their new bat friend, playing along with what they think is harmless pranks and rivalry. But after one of them is suddenly snatched into the night sky by the bat, the kids prepare for an all-out, real deal war to save their friend, with what they are now afraid is actually an ancient vampire. This movie is a little bit of Goonies, a smidge of Fright Night, a mix of Batman and Manbat, and a whole lotta bats.



BMMI Episode 037: The Reception


We’re channeling David Lynch for this creepfest of a film. The Reception builds tension and anxiety all the way to the last image of the movie, which also happens to be the scariest. A couple arrives at a destination wedding that tests their relationship and individual resolve. First, as he gives his speech, the lead is forced by the groom to sing a song in front of the entire party. His embarrassment blisters into paranoia as the night continues. All he wants to do is return to his quiet hotel room. But he can’t leave without his soon-to-be fiancee, who seems to either be avoiding him or completely disappeared into the night. And it only gets worse from there…



BMMI Episode 036: Mummy Virus


What is a mummy but a cocoon? And if a mummy is but a cocoon then what is the butterfly? This week Andrew and Kelsey turn the mummy movie genre on it’s bandaged head.  A group of explorers unwrap a mummy and catch a mouthful of curse spores that visit upon a small town all of the plagues of Egypt. This poster shows a blown up image of a single cell of the curse spores. Move over Tom Cruise, there’s another movie about mummies in town.


BMMI Episode 035: Hug Me Kiddies


For our third installment in our October horrorfest of spooky movie pitches, we humbly offer a haunted doll film with a shocking twist: There never was a haunted doll. Hug Me Kiddies is the film The Good Son would have been if Macaulay Culkin’s character had telekinesis. Jealous of his brother’s new doll, a child just learning he can levitate forks graduates to haunting the doll to scare his brother into trading it with him. But terrorizing his family through toys is not enough. When the family brings in paranormal investigators, the psychic telepathically sniffs the kid out in a second—but in doing so, has inadvertently taught the power-hungry boy the first steps to move from levitating dolls to puppeting people.



BMMI Guest Ep 05: Jeepers Creepers 4 (with Special Guest Joe Cocozzello!)


You know what franchise needs to end soon? Jeepers Creepers. We’re making the fourth one, and we’re making it so terrible that there won’t be any more to come after it. But everyone has to see the fourth installment, or the world will be cursed to a new Jeepers Creepers movie every twenty-three years. Our film envisions the entire immortal existence of the Jeep Creep himself, from his demonic birth in Roman times to his all-out battle with his father the devil. The Creeper found a taste for a very specific strain of blood from a single family, so each new generation has only twenty-three years to pack up and disappear to a new town or country before he’ll come creeping again. You might think we want you to sympathize with him because he fights satan. You’d be wrong. The Jeepers Creeper is a monster, and one that the world would be brighter without.

Joe Cocozzello guest stars!