BMMI Episode 052: Star Wipe


This week’s movie is full of stars. Star wipes that is! When a director unleashes an ancient horror into the world in the form of a star only his assistant director can stop it before the world fades to black.

Star Wipe is the most perfect movie monster ever conceived. It can control time and space. It can move the narrative away from characters discussing it’s weaknesses. It has no weaknesses. It’s like the alien from Alien but without an organic form that can be killed. How do you stop a star from wiping out the world?


BMMI Episode 051: Time Lapse


This week’s film is designed around the use of time lapses as a meaningful part of a narrative. Time Lapse spans more than four years. Following a high school class locked in a plush, expansive bunker-mansion, a series of elaborate murders divides the students into tribal cliques. But when the hunt for the killer leads the students out of the bunker for the first time in four years, the mystery becomes stranger and stranger. In the spirit of psychological thrillers such as Identity and Stay, turn your brain off and enjoy the paradox this murder mystery is built into, before you go insane trying to make sense of it all!


BMMI Episode 050: Kaiju Killer


What if Blade was half kaiju instead of half vampire? As a baby the Kaiju Killer was submerged in the blood of a dying kaiju and developed the powers of lighting blood. There is a drawback to his power however as the mere smell of his blood draws any nearby kaiju to him. Will his ability be his downfall? And how will he overcome the kaiju who is just a large rubber suit man? Find out this and more on this week’s episode!


BMMI Episode 049: Elevator of Tomorrow


Imagine an elevator to space, built in the late nineteenth century. Elevator of Tomorrow starts with a legendary scientist disappearing from London society, to be found in the Congo, secretly building a spidersilk tower to the moon. The young scientist who finds him is just what this project needs to reach new heights. But as the building continues and the science becomes more unsound, will the lead scientist give up on his vision, or devastate the Earth on his impossible climb to the moon? Witness our attempt to theorize a working elevator to space turn into the unanticipated sequel to Kate and Leopold.


BMMI Episode 048: The Great Molasses Flood


I remember when my great grandpappy would sit me on his knee and tell me about the wave of syrup that cascaded over Boston. I would sit wonderstruck as he told me about the brave men, women, and children that struggled through that day and the following weeks. I gasped in awe at the fact that no movie had been made about this tragic day, to my knowledge, until now!

Take a trip with us back to 1919 Boston, MA where a most strange event is about to transpire. We stroll through the flooded streets with our various protagonists all trying to comprehend the unimaginable scenario that they are living through. This poster depicts what I imagine to be exactly what it must have looked like on that fateful day.


BMMI Episode 047: 1,000 Doors Slamming All at Once


The scariest found footage films are made accidentally. This week’s episode follows two oblivious youtubers to an abandoned hotel. They’re looking for ghosts, but don’t notice the person in the walls following them the whole time. As a viewer, get just as confused and scared as the characters when rooms seem to switch around, doors get locked, and peafowl run rampant in the halls. I doubt they’ll make it out alive…but how are we seeing the found footage? Don’t think too hard and this film will paralyze you with fear!


BMMI Episode 046: Out of Sight


What makes a man invisible? Is it the crippling loneliness? The inability to cast a shadow? Or perhaps the absence of eyelids? Whatever it may be this new Invisible Man movie has got it. Set in the 80’s against the backdrop of the Cold War this thrilling new chapter in the Dark Universe stars a KGB scientist who discovers invisibility and must flee his country to prevent it being used for evil. But will he need glasses to block out the sun? Find out this and more on this week’s episode!


BMMI Episode 045: No Horizon


This poster is an abstract landscape of ice for a movie that treats the open Arctic Ocean as an alien and hostile world. When a research vessel finds the rusted, destroyed husk of a ship–still floating–amidst ice floes, the crew unknowingly invites unceasing famine itself onboard when they rescue an unresponsive survivor. No Horizon reinvisions the myth of the wendigo, a creature conjured out of starvation’s last resort of cannibalism, as a mermaid symbol of decay and destruction that consumes everything that crosses its path. It’s a spaceship-meets-terrifying-alien movie set here on Earth. If the cold doesn’t get you, the hunger will.


BMMI Guest Ep 08: Hollie Daise (with special guest Wayne Burfeind!)


This week we opened up a very timely present from our special guest Wayne Burfeind… It’s a Christmas movie in January! But this isn’t your everyday Christmas movie, this movie is like Die Hard but with a heavier focus on the holidays so no one can argue if it’s a Christmas movie.

When special agent Hollie Daise opens a present from a stranger she is sprayed with a highly deadly contagion. Now she must complete unlawful Christmas themed tasks to find the cure and save her parents! Can she save herself and Christmas before the evil Emperor Macaroni sends her to an early Memorial Day?