BMMI Guest Ep 08: Hollie Daise (with special guest Wayne Burfeind!)


This week we opened up a very timely present from our special guest Wayne Burfeind… It’s a Christmas movie in January! But this isn’t your everyday Christmas movie, this movie is like Die Hard but with a heavier focus on the holidays so no one can argue if it’s a Christmas movie.

When special agent Hollie Daise opens a present from a stranger she is sprayed with a highly deadly contagion. Now she must complete unlawful Christmas themed tasks to find the cure and save her parents! Can she save herself and Christmas before the evil Emperor Macaroni sends her to an early Memorial Day?


BMMI Guest Ep 02: Twins of the Decade (with Special Guest David Hoh!)


They’re ten years apart in age, but identical twins: Jamie Bell and Tom Holland are Twins of the Decade! This week’s movie harkens back to the days of pseudo-science, heart-warming comedies such as Twins, Junior, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. These two brothers are vying for the same role in the Detective Pikachu movie starring Dad (Danny DeVito), and it’ll take a great escape from Disneyland and a hearty Thanksgiving family dinner for them to sort out the complex emotions that come with one twin being stuck in the womb for ten years and popping out perfect.

This poster was designed by special guest David Hoh himself! If this poster tells you anything, it’s that this film is the next in line as a charming family Disney classic, and Jamie Bell just hates mascots so much.