BMMI Episode 064: Roadside Attraction


This week we took a trip to one of those quirky little tourist traps. You know the one out in the middle of nowhere with the jar collection? Well it turns out that that place isn’t just a tiny shack with a bunch of jars, it’s also the largest ghost prison in all of North America. And what do you think happens when a stupid, little kid drops a jar causing the largest ghost prison break in history?


BMMI Guest Ep 09: Skinprint (with Special Guest Adam Quesnell!)


It’s Ahh-ghost August and we kicked it off right with Ghost World Too. Skinprint is the story of a scientist who successfully crosses over to the ghost world and discovers that being a ghost is the ultimate high. So he devises a plan to 3D print himself a body and return to the world of the living, only to give the gift of ghost-hood to his friends and family. Featuring special guest Adam Quesnell!

Also, if you think this is just the Ghostbusters ghost you’re wrong… DEAD wrong.


BMMI Episode 055: My Date with My Manager’s Spectre


My Date with My Manager’s Spectre is the result of confusing the Disney films My Date with the President’s Daughter and Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire. We threw in a general “My Authority Figure is A Specific Monster” and did a spin on all three. Who’s that beautiful, definitely corporeal person that shows up to work everyday with the manager, hangs around, then leaves with the manager? No, it’s not the manager’s girlfriend, it’s his revenant. You know, a revenge ghost that’s haunting him, making sure all of his days are bad or at least mildly inconvenient. And this revenge ghost thinks you’re pretty cute. If you ever wanted to mix danger, ghosts, Burger King, and the kid friendly rom-coms of early 2000s Disney, this movie’s the perfect match.


BMMI Episode 034: Hell Hole


This week’s poster is a real life image based on a movie about a haunted apartment building and the roommates that live there. Two plucky 20-somethings move into an apartment with some pretty noisy neighbors, only to discover that their neighbors have been dead for hundreds of years! It’s a real nail-biter as our lead tries to dispose of the misburied remains before his possessed roommate gets the best of him.


BMMI Guest Ep 03: Ghost Vape (with Special Guest Dylan!)


This week we had a pitch session with Paulie Band of Full Moon fame and pitched him a franchise to really put those millennial butts in the seats for decades to come. Dan Aykroyd stars as a WW2 scientist whose ghost is trapped in a sick vape rig and seeks revenge on Robert Englund, the man who locked him in there. Does this sound like it makes sense? No? Well shut up, you’re not the target audience.
Dylan of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure guest stars!