BMMI Episode 075: The Cold Sleep


Do you have a muse? Someone that inspires you to reach new heights? Create beautiful art? Change the world? Well leave them alone! They’re entitled to their own life and dreams and don’t need you stalking around in the bushes gathering material to create your new masterpiece.

This week’s movie follows Bougie (“Buggy” like Dougie with a B), a mildly successful local chef who does the occasional TV spot. One day Bougie becomes someone’s muse and from there on out can’t find a moment of peace alone with his ice cream girlfriend. Also did I mention Bougie is a goblin? Eh, it’s not important.


BMMI Episode 057: Funkel’s Friends


This movie has a deceptively terrible CGI goblin as the lead. But don’t let that fool you, beneath the rugged, T-posing exterior, lies a heartwarming journey of finding what matters in life and finding good friends. Funkel the goblin has only known an unfair life of cruelty from people that find him so ugly they throw trash at him. They can’t help it. The one time he retaliates with chomping some fingers, a wizard decides to punish him with a slowly progressing curse of petrification. But this wizard just gave Funkel a life purpose: make him regret placing that curse. What Funkel doesn’t know is, it takes friends of all kinds to help you cross a forest and fight a wizard when you’re stuck in a T-pose. See, it’s a story thing, not skimping on animation or anything like that.