BMMI Guest Ep 19: Field of Screams (with Special Guest Sam Suksiri!)

In the Field of Screams you reap what you sow!

Father Figure throws a harvest festival to save the small town’s soul (and their money) but wasn’t planning on a visit from the Hay Bale Killer. Watch out! That hay bale maze just got a lot scarier… And SLASHIER. People with hay fever aren’t going to be the only ones coughing up blood this Halloween season!


Poster made by Sam Suksiri. Movie inspired by this haunting postcard.

How to Destroy Some Vampires


Happy Halloween! Here is a comic Andrew and Kelsey made a while back that showcases a variety of vampires, and how to destroy them. It’s our hope that after reading this comic, the reader will not only be aware of the many forms a vampire may inhabit, but that the reader will be well-prepared if they were to meet one of these fanged menaces. Here is the full comic in digital form. Print copies available on demand. Happy hunting! Continue reading

BMMI Guest Ep 11: Total Request DIE (with Special Guest Robert James Algeo!)


What’s scarier than a movie poster? A moving poster! We’re going all out for Halloween this year with Total Request DIE. Before there was TRL, there was a music video countdown run by MTV’s brightest VJ stars. On their all-night Halloween special, the tapes are switched with messages from a killer, forcing them to continue the night’s countdown on-air, or people will die. This is the bone-chilling, pulse-pounding story of how Carson Daly got his start, and became history’s greatest monster.

With special guest Robert James Algeo! Our guest made this amazingly spooktacular wiggle picture! Check out for more of his incredible work.


BMMI Guest Ep 10: The Sunlight Under Outsbutt (with Special Guest Kyle!)


This week Kyle takes us on a voyage to the mysterious town of Outsbutt located up near the peaks of the two cheek shaped mountains. Key features of the region include: A lazy population that hates all order, a really big dead bird that the townspeople hate and may be an elder thing, and a lovely view of the countryside. Wait… What’s that big flapping thing off in the distance!?!


BMMI Episode 067: Mr. Bean’s Halloween


It’s the most frightening time of the year. That’s right: Shocktober! So crack open a nice hot pumpkin latte and get the edge of your seat all warmed up for this year’s slew of frightfully terrifying horror movies.

We kick off the month with the not at all funny story of one man’s lethal combination of naivete and selfishness that leads to the massacre of a raging Halloween party. He’s the next Mr. Krueger or Mr. Meyers, you guessed it. It’s Mr. Bean!


BMMI Episode 037: The Reception


We’re channeling David Lynch for this creepfest of a film. The Reception builds tension and anxiety all the way to the last image of the movie, which also happens to be the scariest. A couple arrives at a destination wedding that tests their relationship and individual resolve. First, as he gives his speech, the lead is forced by the groom to sing a song in front of the entire party. His embarrassment blisters into paranoia as the night continues. All he wants to do is return to his quiet hotel room. But he can’t leave without his soon-to-be fiancee, who seems to either be avoiding him or completely disappeared into the night. And it only gets worse from there…