BMMI Episode 088: Open House


This story takes place in a house, a living house. And at the heart of that house is the corpse of the wizard who made it, the corpse that the house must protect. But what happens when a realtor set on making a quick buck starts a showing? Like sand in an oyster the prospective homebuyers become trapped as the house expands and buckles to keep them away from its former owner.


VAN STEE – Slo Mo Jazz Hands Official Video

Slo Mo Jazz Hands is the second single from VAN STEE’s sophomore album  “Heartbreaker Nervewrecker Meansucker”

We’re honored to have the opportunity to make a video for the wonderful band, VAN STEE whose new album debuted a week ago today. Check it out! Frontman Charlie Van Stee has appeared on Big Money Movie Ideas in the past pitching us Bill & Ted 3 as well as making a guest appearance in our Christmas Special.

If you like vampires, mummies, trespassers, or Charlie, you’re gonna love this video!

BMMI Episode 034: Hell Hole


This week’s poster is a real life image based on a movie about a haunted apartment building and the roommates that live there. Two plucky 20-somethings move into an apartment with some pretty noisy neighbors, only to discover that their neighbors have been dead for hundreds of years! It’s a real nail-biter as our lead tries to dispose of the misburied remains before his possessed roommate gets the best of him.