BMMI Episode 041: Net Brutality


In the year 3008, you’re either working your life away down in the bitcoin mines or you’re living the high life up in the Tower. Sure, everyone has access to the simulated virtual reality utopia (for a price, of course), but how many know if they’re getting the 4k hi-definition or a low-poly facsimile. A poor village pools their wages together to buy the chosen hero a virtual ticket to the tower, only for him to disappear. Now they try one last time, with their second-choice hero, to find out what’s just so special about the Tower and why they can’t get in. Net Brutality pictures an extreme dystopic future where net neutrality no longer exists, and bitcoins are like rare, rare Chuck E. Cheese tokens. If you want to learn more about net neutrality and what the December 14 FCC vote to repeal it would mean, check out, or


BMMI Episode 004: Into the Net


We’re all caught up with the posters! This episode saw many ideas blossom before deciding on the final, action-packed cyber adventure. What are some old memes you know? We probably talked about them. Yikes—yes—but oh man did we fixate on only like three things that I’m not even sure qualify as memes.

The good stuff: theological posits on the nature of pizza; Sonic the hedgehog becoming friends with an elated Bruce Willis; crazy cool hacking by the Hackman himself; a bunch of stars on the roster to boot!

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