BMMI Guest Ep 14: HELLP! (with The Amelia Project’s Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager!)


We’re seeing red for this new poster! Hellp! Is what one might say if they’re trapped overnight in a Hell themed park that the Devil himself oversees. It might also be something you say in the safe, kitschy theme park by day if you just don’t care for lil devil mascots serving up ‘ick-cream cones’ and up-to-code torture-inspired rides, but your black metal grandpa just loves it all so much!

With Special Guests Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager from The Amelia Project!


BMMI Episode 074: The Meatball Kid


From the writers and producers of Funkel’s Friends comes a fresh, meaty take on the spaghetti western… The Meatball Kid!

Right past Spaghetti Mountain, not too far from the Bread Basket Territory lies a ghost town. The only people left there are either dead or might as well be. But all that is about to change when a saucy young face with a penchant for stories rolls in to town.

The town begins to flourish. The townspeople have a whole new lease on life. But what happens when a bounty shows up for The Meatball Kid’s meatball head? Will the town that loves this hot, meaty man turn him in for some cold, hard cash? And why is this beefy boy so intent on reaching the peak of Spaghetti Mountain?


Dream Warriors


Between towns, the adventure party was plagued by lucid nightmares. Were they shared hallucinations? Confused visions of the past and future? Or was it really just a dream? This post discusses the mechanics and story impact behind Episode 24 of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. Like, it goes in deep. Learn how this played out behind the screen and at the table, as well  as how to run a session like this with your own party. Reading further may spoil events up to this point in our story!  Continue reading

BMMI Episode 052: Star Wipe


This week’s movie is full of stars. Star wipes that is! When a director unleashes an ancient horror into the world in the form of a star only his assistant director can stop it before the world fades to black.

Star Wipe is the most perfect movie monster ever conceived. It can control time and space. It can move the narrative away from characters discussing it’s weaknesses. It has no weaknesses. It’s like the alien from Alien but without an organic form that can be killed. How do you stop a star from wiping out the world?


BMMI Episode 033: Upsizing


You may think you know what movie this poster is about. A take on the recent Downsizing, but bigger and better. Well, yeah. That’s the gist. Instead of shrinking Matt Damon to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity, why not make him a towering world-ender size instead? Matt Damon stars as a middle-aged schlub that aspires to be sixty feet taller. He gets all the way through an intensive interview process before he realizes he can’t leave his grandfather (Michael Caine) regular-sized. His dream comes true as both of them are granted the irreversible surgery to upsize. But his dream becomes his nightmare as he wakes from the surgery next to his murdered grandfather, and realizes he’s next. This is a conspiracy of giant proportions that goes all the way to the top, that only a giant Matt Damon can hope to rectify.


BMMI Episode 32: Fair Spirits


Hey! Did you ever see The Shining? Remember how people were displaced in time in that movie but they were just sort of walking around with modern-day people? The state fair is kind of like that and this week Andrew and Kelsey delve deep into that rich vein. Bruce Campbell stars in this SPIRITual sequel to The Shining. The poster features a featureless, ghostly outline of Mr. Campbell residing over the fair that he will eventually become trapped in forever, or has he been there all along? Find out in this week’s episode!


BMMI Episode 030: Fingers of the Sun


This week’s episode is all about the movie of the summer that will eclipse all this talk of eclipses: it’s about the eclipse. Hikers on the hunt for the best moon viewing spot encounter Jeffrey Tambor who stars as the leader of a cult determined to use the eclipse and a little bit of blood sacrifice to permanently block out the sun. Our poster this week may seem like a death metal poster but it’s actually the poster for a budget horror film involving a moon monster. Enjoy that summer sun while it lasts because it may be ending soon in a torrent of vampires and super werewolves!