BMMI Episode 077: Love Under Fire


Here’s a romantic movie that comes with a thrilling twist. When two star-crossed online friends are both too shy to make the first move, one decides to push themselves to make the offline leap by any means necessary. One of them thinks they’re meeting in person for a hotel weekend getaway, the other is plotting daring feats of bravery and cunning to get over their awkwardness. They’re putting their love to the test–a stress test–to hasten the bonds between them, by putting their lives on the line. It’s Love Under Fire.


BMMI Episode 054: Fools in Love


What an eggs-cellent movie! This week we pitch a big name romance, conspiracy, Easter, April Fool’s Day movie where a man in love learns that the first Easter was also the first April Fool’s Day. But before you say that it’s blasphemous, hear me out. You see Jesus wrote the first 101 joke book that is used as an additional book of the bible that only a small cult known as the Fools of April are aware of. Oh, yeah, by the way this movie is in the spirit of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Love, Actually (aka Christmas Day). Happy Holidays everybody!


BMMI Episode 019: Jet Li’s Eat Prey Love


This poster oozes romance like a liver oozes vitamin-rich blood. We take a sympathetic look at cannibals for this week’s film. Jet Li stars as a solo traveler looking to find himself on a spiritual journey around the world. And indeed, he finds himself–another Jet Li, living another life in another city. And there are more of him in more cities. How is this a romance? Sometimes you need to eat ten versions of you to realize that what you were looking for was at home all along. And sometimes, eating ten versions of you gives you the strength, mindpower, and emotions of ten Jet Li’s, which technically just makes you a better you. Cannibalism! Oh, and we also talk about kuru without saying it by name, and prion-related diseases.