BMMI Episode 080: Sonic Origins


Gotta go faster! This week we realize the loophole in making a Sonic the Hedgehog movie without getting in trouble with the other Sonic movie being made: You just have to release it faster. He says it right in his catchphrase.

This Sonic is everything you want in a live action Sonic movie. He’s HD with 4K textures and you can experience it right now with your ears. This makes it a faster Sonic and therefore a better Sonic.


BMMI Episode 004: Into the Net


We’re all caught up with the posters! This episode saw many ideas blossom before deciding on the final, action-packed cyber adventure. What are some old memes you know? We probably talked about them. Yikes—yes—but oh man did we fixate on only like three things that I’m not even sure qualify as memes.

The good stuff: theological posits on the nature of pizza; Sonic the hedgehog becoming friends with an elated Bruce Willis; crazy cool hacking by the Hackman himself; a bunch of stars on the roster to boot!

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