BMMI Episode 081: Blue Jeans


Jeff made a deal with a trickster demon for a magic pair of pants. Unfortunately, Jeff became the magic pair of pants and the trickster demon became Jeff. Now this sentient pair of pants must become the trickster as Jeff the pants must possess an unwitting pants-wearer to make another trade.

What do you call a sad pair of pants? Jeff!


BMMI Episode 077: Love Under Fire


Here’s a romantic movie that comes with a thrilling twist. When two star-crossed online friends are both too shy to make the first move, one decides to push themselves to make the offline leap by any means necessary. One of them thinks they’re meeting in person for a hotel weekend getaway, the other is plotting daring feats of bravery and cunning to get over their awkwardness. They’re putting their love to the test–a stress test–to hasten the bonds between them, by putting their lives on the line. It’s Love Under Fire.


BMMI Episode 061: Live-In Butler


Streaks on the china. Never mattered before. Who cares… 
Live-In Butler is a single location escape thriller set entirely in a middle income family’s kitchen…and the crawl space below. What starts as the seemingly routine day of a butler–making the children an after-school snack, polishing the silverware, preparing dinner–takes a mysterious turn when the butler is willingly locked into a cellar under the kitchen when the parents arrive home, but not before secreting away tiny oddities to set a long-planned night into motion. Did I mention that the film starts with a mood-setting short of two skeletons frolicking in a bog until one of them falls in and gets trapped in a flesh prison, which they try to peel off, screaming in pain?



BMMI Episode 043: Drifter: Bloopers


This poster is definitely not a poster for the sequel to Looper. You should not tell anyone that this is a sequel to Looper. This is Drifter: Bloopers and it’s about Billy Bob Thornton, a…salesman stranded in the middle of nowhere at Jay Baruchel the scientist’s home. And Billy Bob definitely isn’t related to Jay Baruchel. And he’s totally not from the future, to stop Baruchel from building the time machine that sent him back in time. This poster is for the superb blooper reel that accompanies the film Drifter, about said characters. Some say the bloopers are even better than the film. You’ll have to watch till the end to find out for yourself.