BMMI Episode 043: Drifter: Bloopers


This poster is definitely not a poster for the sequel to Looper. You should not tell anyone that this is a sequel to Looper. This is Drifter: Bloopers and it’s about Billy Bob Thornton, a…salesman stranded in the middle of nowhere at Jay Baruchel the scientist’s home. And Billy Bob definitely isn’t related to Jay Baruchel. And he’s totally not from the future, to stop Baruchel from building the time machine that sent him back in time. This poster is for the superb blooper reel that accompanies the film Drifter, about said characters. Some say the bloopers are even better than the film. You’ll have to watch till the end to find out for yourself.


BMMI Episode 020: Bigfoot vs the Planet of the Apes: The Downfall of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes


An ancestor from the past? Or a traveler from the future? These have always been the unanswerable questions surrounding Bigfoot, until now. On our podcast Big Money Movie Ideas we unflinchingly tackle the hard hitting questions of life, and this may be the most important question of all: In a fight for humanity against an entire planet of apes, can we rely on Bigfoot to save the day? (Hint: He’s a cross between Rambo, the Terminator, Blade, and Schindler’s List Liam Neeson, which pretty much says it all).

This week’s poster is a ode to low-budget high-concept action schlock. And man, have we got one of those.



BMMI Episode 011: Reflections of Madness


This film stars the Faceswap (fahck-ee-swahp) demon that switches people’s faces using time magic. Beautiful people get their faces swapped with birds, outlets, dog noses, old crones, and even corpses before they are killed by the nasty time demon Faceswap in unnecessarily gruesome ways. This has all the classic clichés of the modern horror genre: shattered mirrors; old people yelling nonsense omens; an abandoned theme park; lots of dumb, pretty teens; and broken cell phones. It also has time travel via selfies, a FaceSwap Dorian Grey, and a triple fake-out ending. We tried to make this a nonsense pile of a movie. Unfortunately, we’re just too good at this whole pitching thing for that happen.