BMMI Episode 062: Confessionalevator


Stuck in an elevator on the Fourth of July with Keanu Reeves again, Andrew must come up with a pitch to keep him entertained. This one stars Keanu Reeves who is… stuck in a glass elevator. He’s trapped with Anthony Hopkins, who wants him to confess to the murder of his best friend. No one leaves this glass elevator until someone confesses or… Dies!

This is a cerebral film along the lines of Fracture or The Firm or Stay. Can Keanu Reeves worm his way out of this one? Or will he become just another ghost in a jar?


BMMI Episode 061: Live-In Butler


Streaks on the china. Never mattered before. Who cares… 
Live-In Butler is a single location escape thriller set entirely in a middle income family’s kitchen…and the crawl space below. What starts as the seemingly routine day of a butler–making the children an after-school snack, polishing the silverware, preparing dinner–takes a mysterious turn when the butler is willingly locked into a cellar under the kitchen when the parents arrive home, but not before secreting away tiny oddities to set a long-planned night into motion. Did I mention that the film starts with a mood-setting short of two skeletons frolicking in a bog until one of them falls in and gets trapped in a flesh prison, which they try to peel off, screaming in pain?