BMMI Episode 005: The Good Dog


This week’s big money movie is what you get when a political thriller is entirely populated (dogulated?) with dogs in suits. Which adds more to this film genre: Dog heads on people bodies, or cute doggies in even cuter doggy suits? What’s a better actor name dog pun: Kevin Spaniel or Robert Doggy Jr.?  These issues and more are still being hotly debated.

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BMMI Episode 004: Into the Net


We’re all caught up with the posters! This episode saw many ideas blossom before deciding on the final, action-packed cyber adventure. What are some old memes you know? We probably talked about them. Yikes—yes—but oh man did we fixate on only like three things that I’m not even sure qualify as memes.

The good stuff: theological posits on the nature of pizza; Sonic the hedgehog becoming friends with an elated Bruce Willis; crazy cool hacking by the Hackman himself; a bunch of stars on the roster to boot!

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BMMI Episode 002: katamari


Another beaut. This movie was conceived as a dark envisioning of a more innocent video game title, to be directed by Nolan. This movie stars some of Nolan’s friends, Leo Dicaprio and Michael Caine.

What other games were discussed before Katamari? Why does Leo want to roll up all of Earth? Where did he get the suit? We cover all that in the episode, and then some!

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BMMI Episode 001: Batmen


Wow, it finally happened. We posted the first episode of Big Money three weeks ago, and now the poster is here. I think this captures the essence of Batmen, mainly the part where there’s a bunch of Keanu Reeves and people in batsuits duking it out. And the rawness of sad Batman’s bottomless sorrow that I think Keanu would capture well onscreen.

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