BMMI Episode 003: Real Human Skull with Carrying Case


Hey! This is a real weird one! You would never know that the seed that bore this fruit was a list of “Customers who bought this also viewed” from a harmless Amazon item:
Image result for jodorowsky backpackan Alejandro Jodorowsky kid’s backpack. (No longer available on Amazon. Sorry.)

Here’s some of the items from the episode to help you picture how this movie idea was birthed.

Face bank :

cat butt wallet:

banana sticker book:

baloney sandwich wall decal:

For some reason, the Amazon page for this sticker has retained some of the very weird and the very gross and the very unsellable items on the original list we viewed (some explicit images, probably). If it’s risque items you’re looking for, try starting with the sandwich and see if you can six degrees yourself to the items mentioned in the episode.

Listen to Episode 3→


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