BMMI Episode 052: Star Wipe


This week’s movie is full of stars. Star wipes that is! When a director unleashes an ancient horror into the world in the form of a star only his assistant director can stop it before the world fades to black.

Star Wipe is the most perfect movie monster ever conceived. It can control time and space. It can move the narrative away from characters discussing it’s weaknesses. It has no weaknesses. It’s like the alien from Alien but without an organic form that can be killed. How do you stop a star from wiping out the world?


BMMI Episode 047: 1,000 Doors Slamming All at Once


The scariest found footage films are made accidentally. This week’s episode follows two oblivious youtubers to an abandoned hotel. They’re looking for ghosts, but don’t notice the person in the walls following them the whole time. As a viewer, get just as confused and scared as the characters when rooms seem to switch around, doors get locked, and peafowl run rampant in the halls. I doubt they’ll make it out alive…but how are we seeing the found footage? Don’t think too hard and this film will paralyze you with fear!


BMMI Episode 045: No Horizon


This poster is an abstract landscape of ice for a movie that treats the open Arctic Ocean as an alien and hostile world. When a research vessel finds the rusted, destroyed husk of a ship–still floating–amidst ice floes, the crew unknowingly invites unceasing famine itself onboard when they rescue an unresponsive survivor. No Horizon reinvisions the myth of the wendigo, a creature conjured out of starvation’s last resort of cannibalism, as a mermaid symbol of decay and destruction that consumes everything that crosses its path. It’s a spaceship-meets-terrifying-alien movie set here on Earth. If the cold doesn’t get you, the hunger will.


BMMI Episode 037: The Reception


We’re channeling David Lynch for this creepfest of a film. The Reception builds tension and anxiety all the way to the last image of the movie, which also happens to be the scariest. A couple arrives at a destination wedding that tests their relationship and individual resolve. First, as he gives his speech, the lead is forced by the groom to sing a song in front of the entire party. His embarrassment blisters into paranoia as the night continues. All he wants to do is return to his quiet hotel room. But he can’t leave without his soon-to-be fiancee, who seems to either be avoiding him or completely disappeared into the night. And it only gets worse from there…



BMMI Episode 036: Mummy Virus


What is a mummy but a cocoon? And if a mummy is but a cocoon then what is the butterfly? This week Andrew and Kelsey turn the mummy movie genre on it’s bandaged head.  A group of explorers unwrap a mummy and catch a mouthful of curse spores that visit upon a small town all of the plagues of Egypt. This poster shows a blown up image of a single cell of the curse spores. Move over Tom Cruise, there’s another movie about mummies in town.


BMMI Episode 034: Hell Hole


This week’s poster is a real life image based on a movie about a haunted apartment building and the roommates that live there. Two plucky 20-somethings move into an apartment with some pretty noisy neighbors, only to discover that their neighbors have been dead for hundreds of years! It’s a real nail-biter as our lead tries to dispose of the misburied remains before his possessed roommate gets the best of him.


BMMI Episode 011: Reflections of Madness


This film stars the Faceswap (fahck-ee-swahp) demon that switches people’s faces using time magic. Beautiful people get their faces swapped with birds, outlets, dog noses, old crones, and even corpses before they are killed by the nasty time demon Faceswap in unnecessarily gruesome ways. This has all the classic clichés of the modern horror genre: shattered mirrors; old people yelling nonsense omens; an abandoned theme park; lots of dumb, pretty teens; and broken cell phones. It also has time travel via selfies, a FaceSwap Dorian Grey, and a triple fake-out ending. We tried to make this a nonsense pile of a movie. Unfortunately, we’re just too good at this whole pitching thing for that happen.