BMMI Episode 071: Hitchcock: Matchmaker


Everyone remembers the beloved movie I.Q., starring Walter Matthau as a love-loving Albert Einstein that helps a mechanic, Tim Robbins, find his true match with science student and imaginary niece of Einstein, Meg Ryan. For this week’s episode, we wanted to craft a matchmaking film as lovingly handled and historically accurate as the trailblazer film I.Q. No, Einstein doesn’t come back for a sequel, but who could fill those genius, love-believing shoes?

Hitchcock: Matchmaker tells the story of Alfred Hitchcock, who, fed up with his accountant and imaginary nephew belittling his filmmaking, is struck with an idea he can’t shake: that his mean accountant nephew would really be a perfect match for the nice, talented grip on his film set. All Hitchcock has to do is what he does best: direct his grip to play the role of an accountant, and let the editor of life splice the ensuing love story together.


BMMI Episode 055: My Date with My Manager’s Spectre


My Date with My Manager’s Spectre is the result of confusing the Disney films My Date with the President’s Daughter and Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire. We threw in a general “My Authority Figure is A Specific Monster” and did a spin on all three. Who’s that beautiful, definitely corporeal person that shows up to work everyday with the manager, hangs around, then leaves with the manager? No, it’s not the manager’s girlfriend, it’s his revenant. You know, a revenge ghost that’s haunting him, making sure all of his days are bad or at least mildly inconvenient. And this revenge ghost thinks you’re pretty cute. If you ever wanted to mix danger, ghosts, Burger King, and the kid friendly rom-coms of early 2000s Disney, this movie’s the perfect match.


BMMI Episode 028: Love After Life


This week’s movie is a rom-com but with vampires! Starring Christoph Waltz as the cool guy Dracula and Brendan Fraser as a goth wannabe vampire. The twist? These two lovers think the other one is fakin’ and that’s a dealbreaker! This week we go over all them weird twisty, topsy turvy rom-coms. Kelsey and Andrew talk about partially misremembered director’s cuts of Kate and Leopold–did you know she dates her great-great-grandson? But only in the director’s true vision.