BMMI Episode 071: Hitchcock: Matchmaker


Everyone remembers the beloved movie I.Q., starring Walter Matthau as a love-loving Albert Einstein that helps a mechanic, Tim Robbins, find his true match with science student and imaginary niece of Einstein, Meg Ryan. For this week’s episode, we wanted to craft a matchmaking film as lovingly handled and historically accurate as the trailblazer film I.Q. No, Einstein doesn’t come back for a sequel, but who could fill those genius, love-believing shoes?

Hitchcock: Matchmaker tells the story of Alfred Hitchcock, who, fed up with his accountant and imaginary nephew belittling his filmmaking, is struck with an idea he can’t shake: that his mean accountant nephew would really be a perfect match for the nice, talented grip on his film set. All Hitchcock has to do is what he does best: direct his grip to play the role of an accountant, and let the editor of life splice the ensuing love story together.


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