How to Destroy Some Vampires


Happy Halloween! Here is a comic Andrew and Kelsey made a while back that showcases a variety of vampires, and how to destroy them. It’s our hope that after reading this comic, the reader will not only be aware of the many forms a vampire may inhabit, but that the reader will be well-prepared if they were to meet one of these fanged menaces. Here is the full comic in digital form. Print copies available on demand. Happy hunting! Continue reading

VAN STEE – Slo Mo Jazz Hands Official Video

Slo Mo Jazz Hands is the second single from VAN STEE’s sophomore album  “Heartbreaker Nervewrecker Meansucker”

We’re honored to have the opportunity to make a video for the wonderful band, VAN STEE whose new album debuted a week ago today. Check it out! Frontman Charlie Van Stee has appeared on Big Money Movie Ideas in the past pitching us Bill & Ted 3 as well as making a guest appearance in our Christmas Special.

If you like vampires, mummies, trespassers, or Charlie, you’re gonna love this video!

BMMI Episode 038: Bat Country


Don’t be confused by the giant manbat in the sky; this isn’t a vampire movie. Bat Country stars four kids that find a cave near their neighborhood and bond over their new-found love of all things bats. Until they find a house in the cave. And in the house a skeleton of a giant bat that comes to life. At first the kids have fun with their new bat friend, playing along with what they think is harmless pranks and rivalry. But after one of them is suddenly snatched into the night sky by the bat, the kids prepare for an all-out, real deal war to save their friend, with what they are now afraid is actually an ancient vampire. This movie is a little bit of Goonies, a smidge of Fright Night, a mix of Batman and Manbat, and a whole lotta bats.



BMMI Episode 028: Love After Life


This week’s movie is a rom-com but with vampires! Starring Christoph Waltz as the cool guy Dracula and Brendan Fraser as a goth wannabe vampire. The twist? These two lovers think the other one is fakin’ and that’s a dealbreaker! This week we go over all them weird twisty, topsy turvy rom-coms. Kelsey and Andrew talk about partially misremembered director’s cuts of Kate and Leopold–did you know she dates her great-great-grandson? But only in the director’s true vision.