Ivaniri’s Stone

ivaniri's stone

This is an item introduced in Part One of the prologue of our podcast Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. This post may spoil minor things if you haven’t already listened to the first episode!

Ivaniri, an ancient elf, has just arrived in Zlys Port with his grandson Johnny. He has this carved stone with him. The blue gemstone is indigenous to Rinsland only. The pattern carved into it is a familiar elven design. There’s nothing particularly unique about this carved pendant; it’s basically like a high-end souvenir to Ivaniri, to remind him of Rinsland, to return to the home he left centuries ago. Ivaniri even offered the stone to the party in exchange for help moving forward on his journey. Why the stone would be fought over is unknown…

The notes on the diagram are written in the Otikiri Elven, an isolated off-shoot of Elven unique to the native Otikiri Elves of Rinsland.

Gnoman, Digby, and Giacabo were quick to help this new acquaintance retrieve his pendant, for which Ivaniri is supremely grateful.

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