Dream Warriors


Between towns, the adventure party was plagued by lucid nightmares. Were they shared hallucinations? Confused visions of the past and future? Or was it really just a dream? This post discusses the mechanics and story impact behind Episode 24 of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. Like, it goes in deep. Learn how this played out behind the screen and at the table, as well  as how to run a session like this with your own party. Reading further may spoil events up to this point in our story!  Continue reading

Gnoman’s Case Files Part I

Gnoman Gumshoe is a gnome detective from the podcast Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. This is an independent noir adventure set before the events of the podcast. As told by Gnoman (and written by Andrew Santoro)…

Part I

Her makeup is running. Her face is all wracked in anguish as she sobs. Don’t people know how ugly they look when they cry. I approach and place an arm around the gnome woman’s shoulders.

“B-b-but how can you not know where he is? They said you were the best!”

“And I told you I’m still working the case, Stella. It’s a big city and your husband’s a             little gnome but I always find what I’m looking for.”

I offer Stella a hanky from my pocket and begin to walk her out of the office.

“We’ll get him back, don’t you worry. I’ll be in touch.”

She thanks me and leaves. Poor Stella, her drunk husband wanders off one night and hasn’t been seen since. Sometimes I think us gnomes shoulda never come out of the woods, the big city can be tough on folks this small.

I plop myself down behind my desk, head heavy in thought. No one’s ever going to see that gnome again, this city chews people up but it don’t spit ‘em back out. Continue reading

Essential Podquest Inventory: Pet Rocks!


Ah yes, just what every adventurer needs on their perilous journey: a pet rock! These magical companions were first introduced to the party in part 2 of chapter one, Baenum Bandits upon entering Inna’s Shop.

Amongst souvenirs, jewellery, and finery, Inna sells enchanted rocks, albeit at a steep price. Each rock has a smiley face painted on, and remains inert until it has received food and some petting. Once awake, it’s likely to want a name to go by as well.

The local enchanter imbued each one with a random spell or ability that the rock will wish to use at their new friend’s request. Since the rocks themselves are souvenirs in a tourist boutique, it’s unlikely that any will have a powerful or dangerous enchantment (let alone relevant to the task at hand). Of course, that never stops Gnoman, Giacabo, or Digby from getting creative.

How long do rocks remain sentient? What kinds of magic do they command? Do any of them freak out upon gaining consciousness for the first time? Can you trust them as far as you can throw them? Why so many questions about rocks?! All these questions and more will be addressed as we continue the story of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure!

The Road to Baenum


This is the route the party takes in On the Road: Fidgety Digits, the fifth episode of our podcast Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. This post may spoil some things if you haven’t already listened to the first five episodes!

The dotted line follows the main road most traffic takes upon arrival to Rinsland. From Zlys Port, the only safe place to dock on the entire island, the main road takes the smoothest approach over rolling fields to later mountainous terrain to the capital Feudersfall, tucked in near the steep cliffs northwest five to six days travel away.

The party’s carriage ride takes them about a day’s travel from the port to Baenum, the second largest town in the country. Baenum is a town of craftsmen, merchants, and an enchanter that naturally developed as the first major waypoint on a long trip to Feudersfall.

This is a close-up of the general map of Rinsland, that will continue to be detailed with landmarks and populations as the story evolves. Detailed maps of towns will follow as the party explores all the nooks and crannies.

Ivaniri’s Stone

ivaniri's stone

This is an item introduced in Part One of the prologue of our podcast Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. This post may spoil minor things if you haven’t already listened to the first episode!

Ivaniri, an ancient elf, has just arrived in Zlys Port with his grandson Johnny. He has this carved stone with him. The blue gemstone is indigenous to Rinsland only. The pattern carved into it is a familiar elven design. There’s nothing particularly unique about this carved pendant; it’s basically like a high-end souvenir to Ivaniri, to remind him of Rinsland, to return to the home he left centuries ago. Ivaniri even offered the stone to the party in exchange for help moving forward on his journey. Why the stone would be fought over is unknown…

The notes on the diagram are written in the Otikiri Elven, an isolated off-shoot of Elven unique to the native Otikiri Elves of Rinsland.

Gnoman, Digby, and Giacabo were quick to help this new acquaintance retrieve his pendant, for which Ivaniri is supremely grateful.

A Map of Rinsland


Welcome to Rinsland! In the Prologue episodes of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure, Digby, Giacabo, and Gnoman have just arrived in Zlys Port of the country of Rinsland in the far South of a fantasy globe.

Digby rode in a barrel over the open ocean in pursuit of the arsonist that burned down his bar.

Giacabo built his own little boat to sail here when he heard tell rumors of an old tome that held the secrets to curing his tribe’s blood curse.

And brave Gnoman boarded the ferry from the Big City to this distant corner of the world in search of a missing person to solve a case.

All three arrive with just the name of their destination: the blossoming city of Feudersfall.

This is a general topographical map of the country. As a living document, names, locations, and landmarks will be added as the characters stomp all over this land.

Facts about Rinsland:

-It’s roughly the size of Iceland.

-Once a year it has a full day of sunlight, and a full day of night.

-A castle is nestled in the mile-high cliffs up north, next to a giant waterfall!

-The southern half is usually snowy and cold, but not so much the northern half.

-And, as part of the overall setting, magic is an uncommon trait, which has made the newly arrived characters stand out a bit already.

Check out the Prologue→