On the Pilgrim’s Path


This post shows some neat character drawings and discusses events after Chapter 1 of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. If you haven’t listened to our guest episodes with Brandon yet, what follows may spoil some things.

After the case of the disappearing town, our three ‘heroes’ have one pit stop before arriving at their intended destination, the blooming valley of Feudersfall. In the employ of the old elf Ivaniri, Giacabo, Digby, and Gnoman make good on their promise to escort him and his grandson Johnny to their ancestral home: the Otikiri Domain. Five days of travel by carriage means four nights at Inns along the way.

By their arrival at the first Inn, the three already found themselves helping yet another desperate person in need. This time, it’s a Tiefling monk. Cay, played by guest star Brandon, was making pilgrimage with a brother of the cloth. The Pilgrim’s path is an ancient route that only the most devout still follow, as half is lost to the wilds of the Southern Point of Rinsland. The other half, however, is the Worn Path, followed by most every tourist, merchant, and shepherd alike as a direct route to Feudersfall and the Widow’s Stair, the only direct route to the castle. What’s left of the Pilgrim’s path are weathered stone markers, sticking out of the earth where temples and holy sites once stood.

Poor Cay the monk approached the party as soon as they stepped out of the carriage. His brother had fallen into old ruins on their travels, barely a mile from this Inn. Digby, Gnoman, and Giacabo look capable and experienced in dangerous matters, and so the three oblige to help.


As for how this event turns out, I’d recommend listening to Episode 22 and 23 of the podcast. To who Cay devotes himself, and his curious fascination with the number four are two things that the party did not find out, but maybe in time they may stumble on an answer.

The next four days means three nights of restless slumber as the party trudges ever onward. And after that, the strange secret of the Otikiri Domain waits. But these events will be addressed in the next couple blog posts. For now, enjoy some artwork of our main characters Giacabo, Gnoman, and Digby!



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