Hokey’s Business Card


This is an item/map that is introduced in the sixth episode of Podquest: No Strangers to Adventure. This post will DEFINITELY SPOIL some things if you haven’t already listened to the first part of chapter one, Baenum Bandits! 

The party barely got to stretch their legs after a long carriage ride to Baenum before Hokey, the local cartographer handed them this small map. (Don’t worry about that unlabelled building. Only dumb, stupid idiots live there.)

As a map-maker, a map pointing to his shop seems a natural business card. This gnome has some real business sense. I wonder if this map will ever come into play as more than just a gentle reminder of the shops available to the players…









Being the real professional that he is, Hokey couldn’t bear to know he just handed out an incorrect map to prospective customers. Even though it became incorrect just a minute earlier.

Poor Hokey. What a professional.

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