BMMI Episode 025: Bird’s Eye View


Road trips are about finding yourself. Communing with nature lets you realize your full potential as a human on this green Earth. Or these may all be ploys of a trickster demon to hitchhike your possessed body to a certain destination, say a place of brimstone and hellfire. The first half of Bird’s Eye View is a legitimately uplifting, inspirational road trip movie about a woman finding herself after her husband just ups and disappears. The second half is the slow creep of realization behind why her husband is missing, and why it’s too late for her to find him. And it starts with a human face, and an owl’s body. If you like Into the Wild and Drag Me to Hell, this will do ya.

This week’s episode was inspired by an image:


This is the haunting comic panel from an issue of Femme Fatale. It’s chilling how silly it is the longer you look at it. It has eyebrows. And a jawline. Careful what birds you stare at, for they may just stare back with your face.



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