BMMI Episode 033: Upsizing


You may think you know what movie this poster is about. A take on the recent Downsizing, but bigger and better. Well, yeah. That’s the gist. Instead of shrinking Matt Damon to reduce the carbon footprint of humanity, why not make him a towering world-ender size instead? Matt Damon stars as a middle-aged schlub that aspires to be sixty feet taller. He gets all the way through an intensive interview process before he realizes he can’t leave his grandfather (Michael Caine) regular-sized. His dream comes true as both of them are granted the irreversible surgery to upsize. But his dream becomes his nightmare as he wakes from the surgery next to his murdered grandfather, and realizes he’s next. This is a conspiracy of giant proportions that goes all the way to the top, that only a giant Matt Damon can hope to rectify.


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