BMMI Guest Ep 05: Jeepers Creepers 4 (with Special Guest Joe Cocozzello!)


You know what franchise needs to end soon? Jeepers Creepers. We’re making the fourth one, and we’re making it so terrible that there won’t be any more to come after it. But everyone has to see the fourth installment, or the world will be cursed to a new Jeepers Creepers movie every twenty-three years. Our film envisions the entire immortal existence of the Jeep Creep himself, from his demonic birth in Roman times to his all-out battle with his father the devil. The Creeper found a taste for a very specific strain of blood from a single family, so each new generation has only twenty-three years to pack up and disappear to a new town or country before he’ll come creeping again. You might think we want you to sympathize with him because he fights satan. You’d be wrong. The Jeepers Creeper is a monster, and one that the world would be brighter without.

Joe Cocozzello guest stars!


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