BMMI Episode 035: Hug Me Kiddies


For our third installment in our October horrorfest of spooky movie pitches, we humbly offer a haunted doll film with a shocking twist: There never was a haunted doll. Hug Me Kiddies is the film The Good Son would have been if Macaulay Culkin’s character had telekinesis. Jealous of his brother’s new doll, a child just learning he can levitate forks graduates to haunting the doll to scare his brother into trading it with him. But terrorizing his family through toys is not enough. When the family brings in paranormal investigators, the psychic telepathically sniffs the kid out in a second—but in doing so, has inadvertently taught the power-hungry boy the first steps to move from levitating dolls to puppeting people.



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