BMMI Guest Ep 14: HELLP! (with The Amelia Project’s Philip Thorne and Oystein Ulsberg Brager!)


We’re seeing red for this new poster! Hellp! Is what one might say if they’re trapped overnight in a Hell themed park that the Devil himself oversees. It might also be something you say in the safe, kitschy theme park by day if you just don’t care for lil devil mascots serving up ‘ick-cream cones’ and up-to-code torture-inspired rides, but your black metal grandpa just loves it all so much!

With Special Guests Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager from The Amelia Project!


BMMI Episode 093: Sherlock and the Torpedo Pirates


How does one top a 1918 classic such as “The Torpedo Pirates”? You build on top. Sherlock is introduced to a new mystery when someone approaches him and thanks him for solving their case. There’s an imposter Sherlock about, a Nerlock if you will, and they have keys to Sherlock’s memory palace. Meanwhile a sick dinosaur Watson just tries to get some rest and not mess everything up.



BMMI Guest Ep 13: Apollo: God of Music: The True Story of How Music Became Music (with Special Guest Battery Guy Si!)


Before there were music biopics, there was music. And before there was music, there was Apollo. This week’s episode not only features our longest title to date, but dives into the sordid true story of the birth of music. All the moments of music history pale in comparison. Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat? Apollo slashes a snake dead on stage! Bob Dylan discovering electric guitar? We’ve got Zeus zapping lightning bolts into Apollo’s lyre! I don’t recall any battle scenes in Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody either, which this film has in spades. Bill Hader stars as Apollo, and he’s accompanied by Stephen Root playing the mighty papa Zeus as well as Brad Pitt reprising his role of Achilles, Apollo’s hated rival.

Guest starring Battery Guy Si from Technophobia Podcast!


BMMI Episode 090: Lost in the Shuffle


What if it took you a million tries to win a tournament of the world’s favorite collectable card game? What if you could do all of those million tries in one day, one groundhog’s day? This movie is a groundhog’s day with a twist. Every time the deck is shuffled the game is randomized, no memorizing your opponent’s cards or moves. Maybe if you can escape this never-ending day you might just get good enough to beat that kid at the card shop.


BMMI Episode 089: Piggy Mun Mun’s Big Break


This might look familiar to our podcast artwork, but that’s by design. Meet our new mascot, Piggy Mun Mun! A piglet that can beat up any Minion, anywhere, any day of the week. In Piggy Mun Mun’s debut movie, this cute little piglet keeps being overlooked as a true film auteur until it cuts up its real live film reel friends into a masterpiece it can trot around town. Of course, this poster shows Piggy Mun Mun before its emergency redesign (five foot long legs, film projector snout, film reel slots, seven eyes, a spooky ghost sheet it can’t get off, and a squeal that will haunt you for days).


BMMI Episode 088: Open House


This story takes place in a house, a living house. And at the heart of that house is the corpse of the wizard who made it, the corpse that the house must protect. But what happens when a realtor set on making a quick buck starts a showing? Like sand in an oyster the prospective homebuyers become trapped as the house expands and buckles to keep them away from its former owner.


BMMI Episode 086: Skeleton War


It’s our unofficial 100th episode! We take the opportunity to use this anniversary to properly express our deep seated obsession with skeletons and their absence on the silver screen. We’ve been given the rights, unofficially, to the Skeleton Warriors franchise and you know we’re going to use this platform to tell a sympathetic story of skeletons who just want to free the world of meat prisons.